SS 904L Fabricated Product

SS 904L Welded 2 Halve Fittings
We Manufacture an exclusive range of SS 904L Fabricated Products like Ss 904l Fabricated Pipes, SS 904l Mitered Bend, SS 904l Pipe Spools, Stainless Steel Fabricated Products, Steel Pipe Spools, Steel Mitered Bend etc. These products are fabricated using high grade stainless steel materials using innovative techniques.

We Manufacture this Products with DP test and 100% Radiography, Solution Annealing, Pickling and Passivate with Final Inspection .

  1. Raw materials Testing.

  2. Plate Cutting from Plazma machine.

  3. Bending or Rolling in die.

  4. Gauging, Grinding, Bevelled etc.

  5. DP test and 100% Radiography.

  6. Solution Annealing

  7. Pickling and Passivate

  8. Identity Mark and Marking

  9. Final Inspection

Form : 
Fabricated Pipe 3 mtr long.
Mitered bend
Pipe Spools
Elbow Spools