SS 904L Angle And Channel

SS 904L Angle And Channel


Our SS 904L Angle & Channel is made from high quality, durable and strong stainless steel that offers resilience even under the most difficult of environments. They can be put to use as desired and will show the best performance no matter how extensively they are used. Such is the strength and durability of our steel Angle & Channel that they provide support in the machinery or equipment in which they are used, by providing sturdy performance, according to expectations. Call us right away to get modern and well-manufactured SS 904L Angle & Channel at the lowest prices.


  • Made from high quality, durable and long-lasting stainless steel, it shows strength under the most difficult of environments
  • Show excellent resistance to Nitric acid than what is seen with 304L and 3010L stainless steel
  • Is a austenitic, non-magnetic high grade stainless steel that has the lowest level of impurities
  • Has it has resistance to chloride attacks, it can be implemented in environment that demand such resistance
  • As it is resistant to stress corrosion cracking and interangular cracking it can be used in environments that deal with difficult materials
  • It can be used in environment that are high in heat as it can be headed to about 400 degrees Celsius
  • The stainless steel content is formability and weldability, indicating that it is strong as well as flexible enough to be shaped to desired shape upon usage
  • No mater how continuously or extensively the item is used, it remains the same due to fatigue resistance
  • Provided as centreless ground and polished as well as cold drawn and polished
  • Available in sizes ranging from 2 mm to 12mm

  • Opt for our superior quality SS 904L Angle & Channel that can be easily implemented in a wide range of machinery. It can be implemented in machine tools, surgical & medical parts, bolts, hinges, handles, studs, threaded bars etc. It is solution-annealed, hot-rolled, straightened and pickled so that it is optimal for use. It is commonly used in oil processing plants, sea water cooling equipment, heat exchangers, chemical processing units and much more. When implemented in industries and factories, the angle & channel performs as desired, is capable of working under extremes of temperatures, humidity and various dangerous material as well.

    Such is the quality of stainless steel used in them that they can be implemented in chemical plants, petrochemical industries, paper making machines, heat exchangers, sea water treatment plants, gas washing units and much more. They can be implemented in latest technologies with ease due to their structure and can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

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