SS 904L Plate Cut Profile

SS 904L Plate Cut Profile


Check out our high quality and impressive SS 904L Plate Cut Profile which can be implemented in various applications and environments for a satisfactory outcome. Made from high quality stainless steel, with a composition of Nickel, Chromium, Copper and Molybdenum that renders it a hard, corrosion resistant and strong surface, one that can withstand difficult surroundings, yet remain intact.

One of its many unique features is its shiny surface which remains as such no-matter how tough the environment in which it is used or how extensively. As a result, you will find it to be sturdy, giving desired outcome, without showing wear and tear problems.

• Strong, durable, long-lasting, SS 904L Plate Cut Profile can be implemented in any industrial or processing unit for desired performance
• Has high stress-corrosion cracking, cracking and crevice corrosion that is not present in other steel forms
• Is capable of withstanding chloride attacks and can be used in applications that demand resistance to Chloride
• Is a high alloy steel that when mixed with copper is able to provide high resistance to reducing acids like Sulfuric Acid
• Is austenitic, non-magnetic, non-stabilized and has carbon content
• Comes with a structural hardness through which it can be implemented in environment that have extreme conditions.
• Is very pure quality steel that can be fabricated into various items using standard methods
• Available in thickness of 3mm to 20mm thickness
• Offered in sizes that can be customized to your specifications
• Available in forms such ring, blank, circle, plate cut size
• Can withstand heat of upto 400 degrees Celsius and can be heat treated to about 1090 Celsius to 1175 Celsius
• Can be welded using standard welding practices, without the need for pre and post welding treatment

Our efficient and premium SS 904L Plate Cut Profile can be implemented in many modern technologies that serve to make life better. It can be used in equipments that run paper industries, petrochemical units, sea water cooling equipment, heat exchangers, food processing units, aerospace industry, gas washing, condenser tubes etc. In these industries it can be confidently used under the most extreme temperature surrounding, acid mixing without worrying about breakdown. This high quality alloy steel has the ability to withstand corrosion caused by acids both organic and inorganic. We have thoroughly tested the SS 904L Plate Cut Profile so that it shows expected sturdiness and durability in difficult environment. Our stock of superior quality Steel 904L Plate Cut Profile is from Yakin Japan.

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