SS 904L Fabricated Product

SS 904L Fabricated Product


We offer premium quality SS 904L Fabricated Product that is an alloy of Nickel, Molybdenum, Chromium and Copper. It is made from non-stabilized, austenitic stainless steel with a low-carbon content.

These items can be used under the most difficult and stressful of working conditions, without worrying about the product condition, its wear and tear. They can be input into machines through which various activities can be carried out using complex chemicals and other such similar liquids. You will find SS 904L Fabricated Product items to be one that is highly pure and having low sulphur content.


  • Comes with a combination of nickel, molybdenum, chromium and copper that gives it an unusal strength and resilience.
  • It is known for its resistance to warm seawater and choride attacks.
  • Can withstand or resist corrosion cracking due to the presence of high levels of nickel.
  • Copper added to the steel cotent make the item resistant to sulphuric acid and other reducing agents.
  • Less resistant to Nitric acid than grades such as 304L and 310L Stainless Steel.
  • can be used in conditions with extreme heat of upto 400 degree centigrade as only at this temperature will the items break down.
  • available as a 3 mtr Long Pipe, Lateral, Elbow Spools, Mitered Bend, Pipe Spools.
  • Has properties of non-magnetic, toughness, weldability, formability which can be implemented in the toughest environments.
  • Shows excellent crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

  • Our premium SS 904L Fabricated Product can be used in seawater cooling devices, paper industry, plants that process acetic, suplphuric and phosphoric acid, oil refineries, gas scrubbing plants, pharmaceuticals, oil extractions, thermocouples, shipbuilding, defense, heat exchange equipment etc.

    Some of the many products that can be made using it include EFW pipe, tube sheet, fabricated vessel, perforated sheet, machined components, welded pipe. When it comes to need for a metal that is able to provide a very high quality of resistance to corrosion, SS 904L Fabricated Product items stand out due to the intrinsic quality of this particular stainless steel variety in managing the tough corrosion problems.

    We offer tested, strong and durable SS 904L Fabricated Product that can be customized according to various shapes, sizes. The items can be machined, and fabricated according to specific client needs. You can get required items in desired prices by calling us right away. We stock our prime quality items from Yakin Japan

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