SS 904L Pipes

SS 904L Pipes


We offer high quality, strong, durable and long-lasting SS 904L Pipes that can be put to use in various ways. They can be installed in various parts of machinery in industrial units to carry out difficult chemical or dangerous liquids from one point to another. The pipes have a structure that is tough, rigid, enabling them to be used extensively without any wear and tear or breakdown. Get the best quality SS 904L by calling us now for the best prices.


  • Sturdy as it has mixture of different metals that render it a structure that can withstand extreme working conditions.
  • Non-magnetic, autenistic and with low carbon content, it is durable like none other, offering a resilience that make it last for years together.
  • Steel quality is high as it has low sulphur content and the pipe structure can be further welded according to desired requirements.
  • Surface is smooth and shiny rendering making the exterior look very attractive upon usage.
  • Does not show any stress-corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion or chloride attacks which is known to affect other forms of steel.
  • Can withstand heat for upto 400 degrees Celsius upon which melting happens.
  • Does not show any wearing away when used to hold reducing acids such as sulphuric acid also inorganic acids.
  • Available in Fabricated, Welded, Seamless or ERW types.
  • Offered in schedules SCH40/40S, SCH30SCH10/10S, SCH20, SCH80/80S, XS.
  • Forms available include rectangular, round, hydraulic, square.
  • It is avialable in sizes of 15 NB UP TO 200 NB In Seamless and 150NB UP to 500NB In welded Schedule offered include SCH40/40S, STD, SCH80/80S, XS, SCH10/10S, SCH20, SCH30.
  • Given in types fabricated, Welded, Seamless, ERW.


Some of the many industries that can make use of our premium SS 904L Pipes include paper, petroleum, gas factories, fertilizer, heat exchanger, seawater treatment plant etc. Here no matter how strong the acids moving inside them, they will never corrode or break way. They can withstand high temperatures and can be used in the harshest of working conditions with ease. Such is the high quality of stainless steel used in the making of these pipes that they show expected performance time and again, delivery results in carrying liquids as required for various processes.

The key need for SS 904L Pipes is in highly corrosive environment, in which they are known to show the best performance. They have been manufactured according to international standards and offer durability and strength like none other. Call now to get the best quality pipes at lowest prices right away!