SS 904L Forged Fittings

SS 904L Forged Fittings


Our SS 904L Forged Fittings are high quality and premium style with a smooth exterior finish that will remain intact for years together. The 904L Stainless Steel used to make them is an alloy that is a mix of Nickel, Chromium, Copper and Molybdenum, which gives it good strength and durability. Available in various sizes, you will them easy to use in heavy duty machinery where they can undergo extensive usage without any breakdown. Call us to avail the best SS 904L Forged Fittings that can be implementd as desired in your factory or plant.


  • Austenitic, low carbon content non-stabilized and very hard, enough to withstand heavy usage
  • Has the ability to withstand usage in extreme environment as it will not break down due to heat and can withstand heat of up to 400 degree centigrade
  • Includes stress-corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion which are problems that commonly affect other steel varieties
  • Has an extreme toughness than ensure strength, resilience, durability and long-lasting nature even when subjects to extensive usage
  • Is made from pure steel that has low-sulphur content and which has been fabricated using standard methods.
  • Steel quality is such that it can be mixed with copper that enables it to get high resistance to reducing acids such as Sulfuric Acid
  • Can withstand the corrosion caused by reducing acids such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid
  • Comes with a beautiful sheen which remains intact for years together and is also easy to clean, maintain
  • Available in sizes ranging from 1/2"NB TO 4"NB IN
  • Types offered include Cross, Boss, Insert. Plug, Bushing, Swage Nipple, Elbow, Tee

  • Such is the quality of SS 904L Forged Fittings that they can be used in a wide range of machines without any wear and tear issues. The shiny surface of these fittings such that even with heavy usage it will remain intact and show no change. It can be used in various types of environment such as that of a chemical processing plant, petroleum refinery, salt water cooling equipment, heat exchangers, paper making plant etc. In such environment, they can be used extensively without any repair or maintenance issues

    Look into our superior quality SS 904L Forged Fittings from Yakin Japan. Such is their design and structure that they can be easily implemented in advanced technologies and will give desired results. Call us now and order for desired quantities at the lowest prices.

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