SS 904L Machining Components

SS 904L Machining Components


SS 904L Machining Components from us are made from 904L stainless steel which is a high quality alloy steel, known for its ability to remain intact no matter how harsh the external setting in which it is to be used. No need to worry about damage, break down or melting when used with latest technologies implemented in industries and factories as the sturdiness of the metal ensures that it remaining in perfect condition no matter how extensive the usage. We can provide it in exactly the kind of specifications that is desired. You will find out SS 904L Machining Components to give the kind of support and strength that is required in heavy duty machinery, enabling it to function reliably for long hours.


  • Is made from an alloy of materials SSH as Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum and Copper, which gives it strength, resilience and toughness
  • Is non-magnetic, austenitic,with low Carbon content and stable chemical composition
  • Can be implemented in the harshest of working conditions without any signs of wear and tear
  • Is capable of resisting Nitric Acid that can very easily corrode 304L and 3010L stainless steel
  • Is capable of withstanding the damage caused by reducing acids such as Sulphuric and Phosphoric acid
  • Remain stable in the event of Chloride attacks, indicating that it can be used in machinery needed for such purposes
  • Has stress corrosion cracking and interangular cracking which enables it to be used in difficult industrial environments
  • Has a very shiny surface which remains intact no matter how extensively it is used
  • Is standardized for use in pressure vessels which have to undergo extreme heat temperatures and might be containing dangerous liquids or solids
  • Has a Tensile Strength of 70 and a Yield Strength of 25
  • Is standardized and approved for pressure vessel

  • We make use of only the best SS 904L Machining Components that can be used in a wide range of environments. It has been stringently tested to ensure that upon usage it shows satisfactory results. They are m need in machineries that operate in chemical factories, oil processing units, sea water cooling equipment, heat exchangers, paper processing plants etc. In each of these applications, you will find the components to work as required, without any difficulties, providing an output that is impressive and reliable time and again

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