SS 904L

SS 904L


SS 904L is a form of stainless steel that scores over others due to its unique combination of high levels of Nickel, Chromium, Copper and Molybdenum. Due to this particular composition, it has the unique strength to resist corrosion, particularly that which is caused by Sulphuric acid and Phosphori.

We offer this particular grade of steel in standards NFZ1, NCDU25-20, ASTM N08904, SS2562 and DIN1.4539. It is provided in a size that can be customized to specifications, with a thickness that ranges between 03mm to 20mm and in forms such as flat, circle, strip, plate cut size etc.


  • One of the distinct aspects about.
  • As it is very pure steel with low sulphur content, it can be fabricated using standard methods.
  • Another interesting feature is its distinct hardness which enables it to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Surface of this particular grade of steel is very smooth, reflects high polish and is good even when it ages.
  • It is resistant to problems such as stress-corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion which can plague other types of steel
  • It can be treated by heat at temperatures ranging from 1090 Celsius to 1175 Celsius after which rapid cooling must be done.
  • It is resistant to heat and is capable of withstanding heat that is upto 400 degrees Celsius

  • Implementation
    Our high grade SS 904L finds implementation is in pharmaceutical industries and chemical factories in which work involves in dealing with the production and movement of various types of chemicals, some of which cannot be touched by hand. It also finds use in paper and associated industries, heat exchanging and condensing equipment and pipe work in general.

    One very popular brand that largely uses SS 904L is Rolex which introduced it in 1985 for its watches. It is used in devices that cool seawater and also as part of the wiring in electrostatic filtration devices. Chemical plants that make use of machinery for processing acetic, phosphoric and sulfuric acids implement our SS 904L grade of steel in the machine's parts.

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