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Metal Industrial Corporation, leading manufacturers & exporters of pipe fittings in India. We supplies various pipe fittings including buttweld seamless pipes and welded pipe fittings, SS 904L Plate, SS 904L Flanges & Branch connections in different sizes, range, type and schedule-class. Metal Industrial Corporation regularly supplies its material to core industries such as Sulphuric Acid and phosphoric acid plants, seawater heat exchangers, chemical plants, food processing plants.

SS 904L

SS 904L is a form of stainless steel that scores over others due to its unique combination of high levels of Nickel, Chromium,

SS 904L Plate

Our SS 904L Plate is rugged, durable and long-lasting due to its internal composition of high levels of Chromium, Nickel with moderate amounts of Molybdenum and Copper.

SS 904L Plate Cut Profile

Check out our high quality and impressive SS 904L Plate Cut Profile which can be implemented in various applications and environments for a satisfactory outcome.

SS 904L Butweld Pipe Fittings

Our SS 904L Butweld Pipe Fittings are extremely high quality, offering superior results, time and again when applied in various ways in advanced technologies.

SS 904L Welded 2 Halve Fittings

SS 904L Welded 2 Halve is made from a unique type of stainless steel that stands apart as it has a unusual combination of element Nickel

SS 904L Fabricated Product

We offer premium quality SS 904L Fabricated Product that is an alloy of Nickel, Molybdenum, Chromium and Copper. It is made from non-stabilized, austenitic stainless steel with a low-carbon content.

SS 904L Pipes

We offer high quality, strong, durable and long-lasting SS 904L Pipes that can be put to use in various ways.

SS 904L Tube

Look into our wide range of SS 904L Forged Tube and pick those that are right for your specific needs.

SS 904L Forged Fittings

Our SS 904L Forged Fittings are high quality and premium style with a smooth exterior finish that will remain intact for years together.

SS 904L OutLets

We offer superior quality SS 904L O'Lets that is made from SS 904L, which is strong, durable, long-lasting and is capable of resisting corrosion from acids and high temperatures.

SS 904L Flanges

Look into our premium, durable and long-lasting SS 904L Flanges, which can be implemented in exactly the desired way in machines and heavy-duty equipment.

SS 904L Fasteners

Our SS 904L Fasteners contain an unusual combination of Nickel, Chromium, Copper and Molybdenum, which makes them extra strong and durable when compared to others for of steel.

SS 904L Round Bar

The SS 904L Round Bar is a strong, hard and very durable item that shows excellent strength due to the instrinsic nature of the steel material used in it.

SS 904L Fillerwire / Electrod

Our modern and premium quality SS 904L Fillerwire is easy-to-use, install and will elevate the functioning of the equipment that works through it.

SS 904L Angle & Channel

Our SS 904L Angle & Channel is made from high quality, durable and strong stainless steel that offers resilience even under the most difficult of environments.

SS 904L Machining Components

SS 904L Machining Components from us are made from 904L stainless steel which is a high quality alloy steel, known for its ability to remain intact no matter how harsh the external setting in which it is to be used.

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