SS 904L Welded 2 Halve Fittings

SS 904L Welded 2 Halve Fittings


SS 904L Welded 2 Halve is made from a unique type of stainless steel that stands apart as it has a unusual combination of element Nickel, Chromium, Copper and Molybdenum, which gives it superior quality properties that make it tough, durable and long-lasting.

It can be used in the most difficult and harsh industrial environments, without any problems occurring to its surface or structure due to its inherent resilient toughness. Our ingeniously designed Welded 2 Halve items from superior quality SS 904L offer desired levels of satisfaction upon usage and show expected performance.


  • Available in sizes ranging from 6" NB TO 36" NB and can be further customized according to your exact specifications
  • Comes in types Fabricated, Welded, ERW
  • Is able to withstand a high amount of heat, hence can be treated with heat for upto 1090 Celsius to 1175 Celsius
  • Offered in forms such as Tee, Elbow, Reducer, Stubent
  • Made from high quality 904L stainless steel that is austenitic, non-magnetic, contains low-carbon content and is non-stabilized
  • As it is made from high alloy steel it can be used in environments dealing with acids and when mixed with copper it offers high resistance to damage from reducing acids
  • Resistant to heat and is capable of withstanding temperatures of upto 400 degrees Celsius
  • Offers good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion as well as Chloride attacks
  • As it comes with a fine shiny surface the item will show itself to be in perfect condition no matter how extensively it is used

  • Implementation
    Our tough SS 904L Welded 2 Halve fittings is versatile in nature and hence can be used in so many ways. It can be implemented into parts of the fertilizer, paper, chemical, aerospace, petrochemical, petroleum, gas factories where they are subjected to extremes of temperatures and the most difficult of acids that can actually corrode other metals very easily.

    Due to the fact that the Welded 2 Halve fittings have a unique composition of metal elements, they are hard and durable. We can customize them precisely according to specifications. The SS 904L material of these fittings can be welded using standard welding methods with implementing any pre or post-heat treatments. Rest assured that your SS 904L Welded 2 Halve Fittings match upto to expected standards as we do a thorough quality check on them using various testing procedures. These tests ensure that required mechanical properties, chemical properties, mechanical features and durability remains intact upon usage.

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